Peace Action of Staten Island

2018 Make Food Not War Dinner

   Peace Action of Staten Island feels that it is important to honor the Peacemakers in our midst, who have dedicated time and sacrificed to make the Island and the world a better place. This year we will be holding the event on Saturday, October 27th, from 5 to 8 pm at the Olivet Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 97 Myrtle Ave in West Brighton, Staten Island. Musician Karlus Trapp will perform. We will be honoring four Staten Islanders: 

Safiyyah Abdul-Qawiyy – Founder, Muslim Sisters of Staten Island
Patricia Okoumou – #RETURNTHECHILDREN Protestor who scaled Lady Liberty
Ramsey Orta – Eric Garner’s friend who recorded his killing & sparked a movement
Cesar Vargas, Esq. – Co-Director, Dream Action Coalition

You can reserve your tickets and buy journal ads online here. If you can’t attend, consider making a donation so that a student or someone on fixed income can attend.  Thank you!

Be a Peace Voter!

Click Here for Peace Voter Guide CD 11 2018

Have you noticed how candidates for Congress talk about taxes, transportation, education, and jobs, but never about the proposed $819 billion military budget, the U.S. military involvement in the Middle East, the $1.7 trillion new nuclear arms race, or the importance of diplomacy?

Peace Action is trying to change the conversation with the Peace Voter Campaign.  We have sent out candidate questionnaires, held 6 candidate briefings, hosted 7 candidates at an April 21st Candidates Forum, and created a Voter Guide to help voters compare candidates on key foreign policy issues. We want to help register voters too. If you want to join the Peace Voter Campaign, send an email to


Reece Ehrlich, Author
The Iran Agenda Today
Peace Action of Staten Island Meeting
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 6:30-9 pm,
Unitarian Church of Staten Island, 

312 Fillmore St.

Reece Ehrlich's new book is "The Iran Agenda Today: The Real Story Inside Iran and What's Wrong with US Policy"  (Routledge). Mr. Ehrlich is on a book tour and will be speaking at this Peace Action of Staten Island meeting about the latest developments in Iran and critiquing US policy in the region. At the event, the books will be on sale.



Every Saturday 11am - 1pm. Vigil in solidarity with victims of humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Union Square Park New York, NY. South end of park near statue of George Washington on horseback. 

Please mail in your PASI dues or renew or join at
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